Eight souls are given a rare opportunity: to delay the inevitable war of the gods and forestall the end of the world! To achieve this feat, they must locate the Chosen One, compose the Song of Making, and deliver both to the Inscrutable Organ of Eternity hidden somewhere in the mystic city of Turin. But they have only 11 hours before the Ragnarok begins and all of humanity is doomed!

Set in a steampunk world inspired by the music of Swedish symphonic metal band Therion!

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011 is a semi-cooperative game of mystery and adventure. If you are to stop the coming cataclysm, you will need to share your clues with the others, but you must be cautious: for none of your allies can be trusted! One of your number has succumbed to the whispered promises of the Spirit of Fenrir, turning his hand against humanity for the promise of immortality!

But keep your secrets too long, and humanity itself is doomed! You will have to risk that someone else will get the glory, and hope that you have chosen the right people to trust. Clever use of your resources will be the key to grasping victory at exactly the right moment!

011 is the creative child of Paolo Vallerga, author of the 011 novel, inspired by the musical stylings of Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. Paolo also wrote and directed the short film "Adulruna Rediviva," featuring the members of Therion cast in the role of the heroes of 011! The book, film, and game all trace their roots to the band's music and stage personalities.

The game features artwork and images by Paolo Vallerga and taken from the short film "Adulruna Rediviva." Therion and the band members have been enthusastic supporters of the project from its inception.

It is the year "011" in the mystic city of Turin. The discovery of a book that contains a terrifying prophecy announces the end of times! Fenrir, the son of Loki destined to kill Odin and cause the Ragnarök is about to wake! In only 11 hours, the Wolf God will rise, and the world as we know it will cease to exist...

But the lost book hints of a way to halt the prophecy: if someone can compose "The Song of Making" and find the only person who can play it on the "Inscrutable Organ of Eternity"—a mysterious pipe organ hidden somewhere in Turin—the final battle of the gods can be delayed for another age!

But who is this Chosen One who alone can play the song, and where is the mysterious organ?

Now Captain Snowy, the Princess Lilja, the brilliant inventor Pählson, the detective Koleberg, the charming Lady Lewis, Professor Johnsson, the unforeseeable Mr. Vidal, and the phantasmagoric Doctor Vikstrom are in a race to choose the world's destiny. But one of these eight has been swayed by the spirit of Fenrir, casting aside the future of humanity for the promise of immortality! The battle for the final truth has begun!

011 is an investigative adventure for 3–6 players. But remember: even though the heroes all have the same objective, this is not a cooperative game! Defeat can be for all, but victory will only be for one!

To win the game, you must gather the pages of the Song of Making and deliver the Chosen One to the Organ of Eternity (or to the spirit of Fenrir!). You begin with only a small amount of information. Using the eight characters, you must scour the city of Turin for clues to the location of the Organ and the identity of the Chosen One—a task that that will require you to share information with your rivals!

Each round of play opens with an auction for turn order. Your position in the order determines how you are affected by the event card draw, and which characters you will be able to use during the round. Selecting a character gives you acces to his or her special ability, and allows you to move through the streets of the city to seek clues. The unique Action Gear system determines the distance your character can move, what mode of transportation you have available, and what action you may take to further your investigation.

You have only 11 rounds to discover the truth and prevent the coming apocalypse.

Locate the Organ, identify the Chosen One, and compose the Song of Making, and victory can be yours. Fail, and all of humanity will suffer the final conflict of the gods!

Additional Info

  • Designer Marco Valtriani
  • Publishing Partner Scribabs / Post Scriptum
  • Country of Origin Germany
  • Number of Players 3 – 6
  • Suitable Ages 10 and up

011 includes:

  • 1 Gameboard, showing the uchronic city of Turin in the year 011
  • 1 Character Chart, showing the eight characters
  • 8 Sculpted character miniatures
  • 1 sculpted Organ of Eternity miniature
  • 3 Action Gears with metal hinges to mount them on the gameboard
  • 24 player markers
  • 50 Research Tiles
  • 55 Game cards, including:
  •      8 Character Cards
  •      24 Power Cards
  •      5 Hero Cards
  •      1 Fenrir Card
  •      11 Event Cards
  •      6 Quick Reference Cards
  • 21 Clue markers
  • 1 Blocked Character marker
  • 1 Hour Hand with metal hinge to mount it on the gameboard
  • Paper and pencils for keeping notes
  • Rules in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
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